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My Entry for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

This Week’s Prompt (Aug 5) ROUND THE WORLD.

HOW THE CHALLENGE WORKS: Go where the prompt leads you and publish a post on your blog that responds to the prompt. It can be any variation of the prompt and/or image. Remember to keep it family friendly; this needs to be a safe and fun space for all.

Link your blog to Eugi’s Causerie with a pingback. You may also place a copy of the URL of your post in the comments of the current week’s prompt. Responses posted prior to the next Thursday prompt release can be included in the Roundup.


People called him crazy. But Callum Riviera never took it to heart, considering that all inventors of his era were labelled just that by so-called critics.

Today, after nearly three years of intensive research and manual labour, he was confident he’d blow their minds away with his finest piece so far—the Rota Celestia.

“How’s it goin’ to be any different than the London Eye?” asked a newspaper correspondent, adjusting his glasses sceptically. “We’re not here for another amusement park ride, y’know.”

“Oh, you’ll see,” Callum replied with a grin, proceeding to cut through the crowd that had gathered to watch the unveiling. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he then announced at a podium set up in front. “I’d like to invite the bravest and most curious ones present here to come aboard the Rota Celestia for the experience of a lifetime.”

“Well, why don’t you tell us what makes it so extraordinary? Then we’ll ride,” said a woman carrying a very plump child in her arms.

“I’m afraid it would ruin all the fun, ma’am. But since you insist, I’ll venture to say that this invention of mine transcends science, and enters the world of…magic.” At the last word, he pulled a lever. The great wheel came to life and slowly began turning about its axle. “Hop on now, one by one.”

A steady trickle of people made their way from the crowd towards the giant wheel and took their seats in each cabin. When that was done with, Callum gave a signal to his assistant on the side, who worked a combination of levers and buttons before signalling back.

The next moment, the Rota Celestia picked up pace. Some colourful lights fixed to the cabins’ sides flickered on. Callum waited with bated breath as he observed it all slowly unfold. Any moment now, he thought.

And surely enough, they beheld the miraculous sight: as though attached to a pulley, the evening moon was drawn by the rotating wheel. Closer and closer it came, until it was almost as big as the wheel itself. The passengers as well as the bystanders on the ground gasped in astonishment.

Callum beamed. From the corner of his eye, he saw the same newspaper correspondent from before drop his notepad. His next announcement would definitely surprise the man even more.

“That is not all, folks! What use would it be if we brought the Moon closer and didn’t set foot on it?”

Murmurs emanated from the crowd. Walk on the Moon without having to travel to space? This was unbelievable!

“Come on, my passengers! Step out one by one very carefully until you feel solid moon surface under your feet!” Callum hollered from below.

Despite being fearful, they heeded his words; within minutes, about twenty people were already dancing on the Moon (I’m sure it looked as crazy as it sounds!).

Photographers clicked away, journalists scribbled away and more members of the public came down to the site, hoping to get onboard the magical Rota Celestia.

By the time the passengers were finally brought down to Earth, the crowd was unmanageable. They were pushing against the barricades, demanding to be given a seat. Callum was admittedly a bit disgruntled—that is, until he was struck by another brilliant idea.

“Silence, silence! Every one shall get a chance to be a passenger, but under one condition,” he said, his voice ringing. Pulling out an empty carton from somewhere, he snatched the newspaper correspondent’s fancy pen and began writing on one side of it. He showed it to the people.

“‘Fee: 3 dollars per person?’” read the correspondent in disgust. “You’re charging now?”

“Might as well make a good business, sir. Maybe even start a company. But the point is, it’s affordable.” Callum handed the pen back to him.

“Thank you,” the man said curtly, pocketing it.

Just as he turned to go, Callum stopped him by placing a hand on his shoulder. “Actually, do me a favour and write this in your headline:

Fancy a quick trip to the Moon and back?

Your best choice: Budget Galactic.”



An aspiring writer, among many other things. Loves crafting memorable, heartwarming slice-of-life stories. Enjoys creating magical, fantastical adventures for readers to immerse themselves in!

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