Short and Sweet: About ‘The Confictionery’

Who doesn’t love clever wordplay? Mash that up with the love for writing and storytelling, and voilà, you have the brainchild of SidneyAspennWrites– The Confictionery

Here, feel free to take in the delicious aroma of (mostly fictional) pieces of original writing, coming to you absolutely fresh out of the oven! Whether you prefer good ol’ chocolate over jelly beans, or candy bars and fudge over eclairs and pastries– for every unique type of taste, there is a unique story to find!

P.S. As delicious as the above sugary delicacies sound, I am not even close to making a successful batch, though I would still venture to say that I’m an amateur baker. 

Sort of. 

Well, I guess I’ll just have to satisfy myself by watching more episodes of MasterChef Australia 😉