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THE SUBSTITUTE: My Entry for Cyranny’s 1MinFiction

HOW THE CHALLENGE WORKS: Each week a prompt will be posted by Cyranny on Cyranny’s Cove to inspire you to write a very short story. The idea is to manage to type your whole story in a minute or less. Of course, you can think about it before hitting the keyboard, and you can take all your time to edit it afterwards.

Just make sure to tag your story with #1MinFiction, and create a pingback to the week’s challenge post, so Cyranny can easily find it!

So, here is this week’s picture:


Mrs Claus watched her husband pace back and forth in their cosy, candy-scented living room.

“What’s the matter dear?” she asked, concerned.

“I’m perplexed!” he replied, stroking his long white beard. “It’s only July, yet this morning I received so many letters from children with their wishlists! How can this be?”

He scanned the addresses scrawled on each of the envelopes. They were all from Australia.

“Oh, I get it now—the southern hemisphere has begun celebrating ‘Christmas in July’! Quite unconventional, but I must find a way to deliver their presents…”

“But dear, aren’t all the reindeer on holiday?” his wife pointed out. It was only a short summer up here in the North Pole after all.

“Oh.” That dealt a heavy blow to St Nicholas’ confidence indeed.

“And the elves too?” She grimaced. That was also true; the elves had been given the weekend off.

Santa stopped in his tracks, frowning.

As though reading his mind, Mrs Claus suggested, “Why don’t you take the blue bicycle from the garden instead?”

“Bicycle? How on earth am I supposed to achieve this feat with a bicycle?”

“Well, you’re Santa, you can do anything!” She laughed heartily.

Hmm, maybe I can, though Santa Claus, smiling as he looked at the bicycle’s blue body glinting in the daylight. Wasn’t the sky blue too? Ahh, no problem then—he would still be unseen, only differently this time!